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5th "Digital Print Art Exhibition", O Museum, August 2021

3rd "Digital Print Art Exhibition", O Museum, August 2019

GALLERY ART POINT Grand Prize Exhibition, GALLERY ART POINT, July 2019​

43rd “Nikki-ten” Nationwide Selection Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, March 2019

Solo Exhibition"Yoshiki Ashida 70 years old memorial Exhibition", EMP GALLERY, September 2018 

"Life 2017", GALLERY ART POINT, August 2017

22nd “Art in Japan” Nationwide Selection Exhibition, The Ueno Royal Museum, February 2017

“New Year Selection 2017”, GALLERY ART POINT, January 2017

2nd “Christmas Art Competition in YOKOHAMA”, Yokohama Red Bric Warehouse, December 2016

Received a prize @ 41st Nationwide Selection 42nd Nationwide Selection Exhibition “Nikki-ten” , Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, November 2016

7th “Art Center of Japan Nationwide Contest”, Art Center of Kobe/Art Center of Tokyo, May 2015

2nd “Humanity Exhibition”, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa, August 2014

“Fountain Art Fair 2014”, Lexington Avenue 25st NYC, March 2014

15th “Shanghai Art Fair”, Shanghai Mart, November 2013

10th “Montreux Art Fair”, Montreux Music & Convention Centre, November 2013

Received a prize @ “Femme 2013, GALLERY ART POINT, May 2013

Me, Myself and Art

I was one of the businesspeople until retirement. However, I am interested in portraying the spiritual essence and divinity hidden within everyday ordinariness. And I loved to draw though I never really learnt how to draw. But I was determined not to follow the various methods that many artists tried and evaluated. I decided to become a digital artist to try something new.
The advantage of digital art is that one can achieve sensitive brushstrokes that may not succeed with hand drawings. It is perfect for expressing what is way beyond ordinary thoughts and feelings. The possibilities of digital art are endless. 
However, I do not focus on digital elements to create art for digital precision, but I strive to create a pure art form. For example, in the case of photomontage, I do not value the original photo. But, after processing, I pay close attention to the image, which is entirely different from the original one. Digital processing is not retouching of photography. 
By the way, I like to compose poems to express the spiritual essence and divinity hidden within everyday ordinariness. These are the same things as my mental images. So, I often use them to explain my digital artworks. 

Talking about art, after retirement, I also began pole dancing. I am not sure if I am a brilliant dancer, but I love dancing. I value this dance in erotic and artistic styles from the bottom of my heart. It may be why I may draw someone to my pole dancing. I think art is a peculiar obsession. 


2010 - present
2010 - present
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