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3rd "Digital Print Art Exhibition", O Museum, August 2019

GALLERY ART POINT Grand Prize Exhibition, GALLERY ART POINT, July 2019​

43rd “Nikki-ten” Nationwide Selection Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, March 2019

Solo Exhibition"Yoshiki Ashida 70 years old memorial Exhibition", EMP GALLERY, September 2018 

"Life 2017", GALLERY ART POINT, August 2017

22nd “Art in Japan” Nationwide Selection Exhibition, The Ueno Royal Museum, February 2017

“New Year Selection 2017”, GALLERY ART POINT, January 2017

2nd “Christmas Art Competition in YOKOHAMA”, Yokohama Red Bric Warehouse, December 2016

Received a prize @ 41st Nationwide Selection 42nd Nationwide Selection Exhibition “Nikki-ten” , Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, November 2016

7th “Art Center of Japan Nationwide Contest”, Art Center of Kobe/Art Center of Tokyo, May 2015

2nd “Humanity Exhibition”, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa, August 2014

“Fountain Art Fair 2014”, Lexington Avenue 25st NYC, March 2014

15th “Shanghai Art Fair”, Shanghai Mart, November 2013

10th “Montreux Art Fair”, Montreux Music & Convention Centre, November 2013

Received a prize @ “Femme 2013, GALLERY ART POINT, May 2013

Me, Myself and Art

Through digital art, I strive to portray the spiritual essence hidden within divinity.

Digital art is perfect for achieving exquisite brushstrokes that cannot be achieved through non-digital arts,

Instead of focusing solely on digital elements to create art for the digital world, I strive to create pure art form. 

I was a businessman until retirement.

I loved to draw though I never really learnt how to draw.

It was after retirement, I decided to become an artist.

Looking back in history, it seems that every method of art has been tried and tested.

This is the reason I decided to become a digital artist to try something new.

It was truly shocking when my first ever digital art, which I painted 11 years ago, won an award.

You can see this painting on the Art Store page, a painting named “Soul.”

The advantage of digital art is that one can achieve sensitive brushstrokes that may not be achieved by hand drawings that are perfect for expressing what is way beyond thoughts and feelings.

I strive to express spirituality and divinity.

I believe in the possibility of digital art, and of which I am particularly interested in Photo Montage.

Possibilities are endless. Take a photo, even if it is not a perfect photo, with digital creation, a photo can be transformed into art by bringing its beauty out into the world, which is totally different from retouching, editing nor changing the art itself.

Talking about art, after retirement, I also began pole dancing.

I have always loved eroticism and its art forms, and it all started when one day, I went to a night club and met a pole dancer who recommended pole dancing.

I guess being the oldest male pole dancer in Japan, it caught many people's attention,

and when I realized, I was on TV and numerous Media.

I am not so sure if I'm a brilliant dancer, but I do honestly love dancing from the bottom of my heart, and that may be the reason why some may be drawn to my pole dancing.

You never know who will be drawn to you. Art honestly is a peculiar obsession.

2010 - present
2010 - present